Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rippers 3

This book has been an off and on due to money issues. But that is not a problem. I work well with editors and company's alike. Some times books take longer to do then others. Sometimes it takes awhile to get paid for them. I tend to do my best to keep the initiative going, especially when it's such a great story.

The Chronicles of Mayre interior work

With The Chronicles of Mayre I got to do all of the interior work for issues #0 ,1 and soon #2. Here are just some of the examples from the books. I did the pencils, inks, color and lettering.

The Chronicles of Mayre

I can finally post some for the work I did for The Chronicles of Mayre. Here are the covers. Now with these covers all I did was the ink work and the color and the layouts.

Kieu Test Pages

Here are some test pages. I only have 2 but they are not the final pages. Due to the fact we still don't have the script ready.


New book I will be starting. What I have now are just the preliminary sketches and some promo posters and covers. Getting the characters down before the story is finish. Working out the bugs and so on.